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Take me down, take me down to the water I need time Give me time. The old Shenandoah gonna keep me right And hold me like I was forgiven Take me down, and let the beachwood light I need time Give me time. Oohh ooh ooh Ooh ooh ooh. I got lost down in Rio I was running from the FBI Yeah they had me on some charges back in San Antone You know I never got the reason why I turned up in a casino My hands up and ready to fight The whole damn mariachi band, for playing the same tune twice. And I'm always thinking of you Always thinking I could love you more Know I'm always thinking of you Always thinking I could love you more.


Trigger Down with Pop Country Comments. What kind of fresh hell has Tim McGraw unearthed here? Apparently the once high-flying country star has been inadvertently inoculating himself with inebriating bronzer agents from his incessant chemical tan treatments that have now seeped into his blood stream.

Though this song is supposed to be urban and hip, it comes across as the cries of an introverted internet masturbator who never matured past a middle school mentality.

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Funky Cold Medina? This song makes me hate sex, and is simply a smattering of ultra-stereotypical urbanisms chased by countryisms trying to apologize for itself and accomplish the widest possible splash zone of victimhood with its catchy pap like when a hippo turns his hind quarters towards the herd and scats the hell out of anything and everything aided by a helicoptering tail. The icing on this urine-drenched urinal cake topped with cigarette butts, spent gum, and used inside-out prophylactics oozing their venereal slurry out on the diarrhea-infested floor is the fact that through the entire drum machine-driven song Tim McGraw is singing through an Auto-tune filter turned to T-Pain, eat your top hat-wearing heart out.

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Hell, why do we even need a human to sing this fucking song? We should just have one of those iRobot floor cleaners sing it. The worst country song ever?

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Punishment served. MH January 15, am. Kyle January 15, am. Why he didnt release Nashville Without You to radio is beyond me and makes me question where the fuck he is heading. Scott Borchetta apparently forgot to mention to his artists that they need to cut the pop-douche productions in their songs as well.

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Noah Eaton January 15, am. Brad January 15, pm. Noah Eaton January 15, pm. Ranger January 15, am. Acca Dacca January 20, pm.

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As Trig says, McGraw had some great songs once upon a time, even if they were always pop country and he never wrote any of them himself. I think he should just retire as it is. The man has more money than he can ever spend from his own career, much less from his marriage to Faith Hill. What exactly is he trying to prove? Better yet, what does he NEED to prove or even say with this song? Big A January 15, am. On the downside, I actually had to listen to the song to see the trainwreck for myself.

Does that count? BwareDWare94 January 15, pm.

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Dudeā€¦Dallas Buyers Club is a fantastic movie. Not sure I can even bring myself to listen. McFlaw is a bottom feeder. So his recording a song like this suits him fine. Yet his aging female fans will eat it up. Matty T January 15, am. Jamie June 6, pm. Born in southern Georgia, raised in Mississippi. Or born in Mississippi, raised in southern Georgia. Which is it?

Chris January 15, am. Is that what must be done to appeal to the masses?

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Comprising the country sound just to fit in is sad. Said it before, but this genre is going down the toilet. Trigger January 15, am. Is that what I need every one of my songs to sound like now? The arrangements for some of his hits these past few years have been so goddamn annoying.

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Am I the only person who thinks this, by the way? Trigger January 15, pm. If you came to have your already-established music opinions reinforced, you came to the wrong place.

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Sonas January 16, pm. Trigger, I try to read most of your articles. That was funny as hell. I was rolling. So what exactly are you saying Trigger? What exactly do you expect from your readers?

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Please air your concerns, your disappointments. Trigger January 16, pm. I appreciate it. True music journalism is dying, and it takes a commitment from all of us to keep it alive. Nick January 20, am. You listen to Sammy and you here a guy that lived the song and you believe him.

As radioactive as the lyrics and Auto-Tune are, what actually makes this a particular weapon of mass destruction on my eardrums is the devastating repetition.

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Adrian January 15, am. His recent singles have been the worst song releases of his career. Tim is not a visionary. He follows the mainstream. I never thought he was a good vocalist. His strength has always been marketing himself to female audiences, being attractive to girls and making them feel wanted.

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Hoptowntiger94 matt2 January 15, am. In retrospect, maybe Curb Records actually knew what they were doing by preventing McGraw from releasing new music. This song makes me sick. Keith L. January 15, am. Yellow hammer south Georgia Mississippi chick Trick cherry wine, Louisiana lipstick?????? What the fuck does that even mean? Brian January 15, am.

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Blaine January 16, am. Chris January 16, am. Just a bunch of bs thrown together. Clemson Brad January 15, am. This is a shame. This new one is a mess.

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