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  • 46
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  • Guy
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  • I’ve got big hazel eyes but I use colored contact lenses
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  • Woman
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  • Italian
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  • Rum
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  • Yes


Wtf is this creature?!


Wtf is this creature?! Will someone fuck her already?! This chick probably has every STD known to man! And probably a couple more that haven't discovered yet!

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Her parents must be so proud! The lyrics on Rob's track to match Brooke's start at although he says "I wanna rock right now This will forever be my favorite Brooke Candy video of all time. Such a classic. I wish she would release it officially on every music platform that it is available in every country because this is ART. She has such a gorgeous body! I'm not even gay or what not but damn I calls it how I sees it.

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I love this song. Btw does anybody know if she has a relationship? Her voice is so annoying - she sounds like a nagging East Coast Jewish housewife trying to be gangsta.

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I can rip it off but want to contribute. The snake got scared of her tongue so it stopped sticking its tongue out.

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I appreciate all the comments from kickass feminists. I love Brooke Candy, she helps me live my life better and love myself. Also, dudes need to chill out. I think Brooke's very talented and stands for empowerment, acceptance and equality.

From someone who’s had it all wrong

She does a lot of great things for sexuality, gender and LGBT in general by being sexual, the whole 'Fag Mob' thing, not being afraid to show her body and using similar lyrics to those male rappers have used for YEARS, BUT judging by the comments section that message has been lost on a large amount of people who just use it as an excuse to man-bash and belittle men or objectify, degrade and demean women. Both sides are as bad as each other. The point here is not to criticise people based on gender or sexuality, it's to fucking embrace it.

Embrace who you are. Unless you're a CUNT.

2. breakupnotifier

In that case learn what she really stands for and change for the better. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hopefully some of it will sink in. This song at first seemed to me; a very clever diatribe on today's pop industry. Underneath the obvious satirical facet there is a message so pure and simple. The song is simply saying what many girls are thinking on a regular basis. Fuck it, why not celebrate them? It's not the god damn fifty's anymore! Reginald Williams than go fucking watch that video.

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