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Not everyone can have the superpowers of confidence and spontaneity. The art of chatting for a long time requires some practice and some skill. Treat a conversation like you are about to tell a story or paint a picture.

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You need to really believe you are about to make something wonderfully creative. This will also help you access your creative right brain faster — because to begin with you will be pretending — until it becomes natural. To keep a conversation going, you need to know how long can you can really talk to the other person.

Are you in a busy networking event, and only have a maximum of ten minutes to chat? Are you with friends for a long dinner conversation? You need to know because those are very different in terms of timing. The longer the convo, the longer you can stay on any subject before going to the next. The shorter the conversation, the more succinct you need to be. But if you do have time, you can go into details of any topic as long as both you and others are interested in it.

Knowing how much time you have together is like an empty canvas — once you know the size of it, you can then draw on it whatever you want. You need to feel great in order to have brilliant conversations and keep them going. By the way — you deserve to feel great!

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So, how do you do that? If you want to have long and interesting conversations, you need to get to a feeling that you can discuss anything! Once you get there, the conversation breaks come off and both you and others feel a sense of freedom to talk to each other as long you wish.

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The way to reach this point is to talk about the simple things — for example — talk about how hard it was to park when you arrive. Then, talk about a very elaborate, intellectual subject if you want. You can then circle back to something simple.

Then, maybe go on to talk about something deep and emotional, like a relationship. Most importantly, say something that makes you seem very human — maybe a quirk you have — or something weird you do — or a recent mistake you made that was somewhat embarrassing.

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Once you do that — you will feel free and confident. You have unlocked all kinds of conversations and you may never run out of things to say again. You need to be a sponge for content.

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Whatever information you take on is now yours — whatever you watch, see, hear and read can be used in future conversations. A conversation is just a way of channelling what you have experienced — and the more you are conscious that these are great topics to keep the chat going, the easier you will find keeping that conversation going. You can keep forever if you realize that all conversation topics are linked, one way or the other.

This can go on.

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I can then discuss the pros and cons of a few cities for living or for travelling. You need to realize that all topics are interrelated. And even if you have nothing to say about one topic, maybe you do have things to say about the next one.

It can be something of tangible material value: maybe they need a new job and you are hiring people. Maybe summer is approaching and you have access to a beach house. Maybe their car keeps breaking down and you own a mechanic shop. It can be intangible. Usually, an exchange of information and experience: maybe both of you are podcast fanatics and can discuss your favorite podcasts in the future.

Maybe both of you are interested in the same scientific field. Maybe both of you have ambitious goals and you can share success resources and motivate each other.

It can be a potential exchange of contracts: maybe as you talk, you realize that you socialize with similar types of people. Maybe both of you are networking in the same circles. It can be that simple. First, understand that the fear of running out of things to say can make you tense and feel anxious. Before you jump on the next one, maybe both of you want a break.

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The conversation then arrives at a natural stop, as both of you are aware that there are others you should meet and greet. If that happens — you can excuse yourself to maybe get something from the other side of the room. Maybe you took the time to go into meaningful subjects and really got something from the interaction.

Many people think that they are only allowed to say interesting, impressive, cool or hilarious things. I used to be like that. I wanted to impress. But I learned that this is counterproductive. Instead, practice talking about mundane things… like how much you like the shape of the plate or the glass in front of you! This sends a message to your brain to relax and have fun instead of racing to say something impressive.

This is another mistake I used to make.

You can stay in that subject for a little longer, exchange contact information if you want to stay in touch. Then, move on.

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You can just move on. Instead, they just have another agenda. To each their own. You can move on. This is a tricky one. Anything can be open to interpretation — so make sure your interpretation is what they really mean.

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Yes, sometimes, even if everything is going well, something will come from left field and throw the conversation into an awkward silence. There is always a way out. And you can appropriately move on and keep talking. You guys might be hungry, or thirsty, or just tired.

Other issues, like emotional issues, something annoying can happen that can throw off people and make them silent for a bit. Just be patient and the conversation little by little. As you can see, there are many things that can happen that make you and other people go silent or run out of things to say. The main lesson is to not blame yourself every time it happens. You also want to be aware of why.

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Notice why people are not talking. Some questions and comments just entice the other person into a deeper conversation, make it more interesting, and definitely keep it flowing. Note: When you quickly go into a story, you cement the conversation as friendly, open, and leading to a connection or new friendship. Well if you need landscaping, George here is the best guy in town! There is an infinite of questions or comments you can ask to keep the conversation going. Practice with the different types: from a friendly debate to inspiring a connection, all the way to getting to know the other person even more.

You know that those are no fun.

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